Hailing from Libreville district in Gabon, Boloman had a struggling childhood, but he never gave up & went on fighting. A brilliant student in academics and an equally talented name on the soccer field, he also started penning poems from an early age and even was a part of a theater group since the age of ten. He dreamt of having a great career in soccer but it was a serious car crash that destroyed his hopes of making it in the football field. When everything seemed to fall apart, he sought refuge in the music & soon came into touch with R&B singer Yannick. With Yannick, Boloman performed at a number of stage shows and after a huge success there, he contemplated of giving a serious shot to the music scene and thus started his foray as a professional songwriter & recordist.

He won awards in Germany & went out on tours with established artists for shows in more than 10 countries, before he founded his own recording company in 2014, supported by his lifetime's friend Lebig, both came up with the idea to take Ukrainian music engineer Prof. Antoine on board. In May 2016, he then released his latest hip hop single “In My Zone” which was making waves all over with its unique international style music, amazing video and it pulled in a whopping 2,000,000 views on YouTube the first weeks. Later this year and after a long break, The Boloman alluded to a summer release for his anticipated new studio album.


He also took to Facebook to give the public a video-update on where he’s currently at in life and the status of his first project. Now, further supporting his next major release, the independent artist is taking to social media once more to reveal his next round of tour-dates and confirm the imminent release of his upcoming Album “YOKO”



  • Newcomer of the year by Bigfm Deutschlands biggste Beats,

  • 1st independant artist in saarland to reach over 1 million views on youtube,

  • 1st independant artist to top the internet chart in germany in 4 categories.

Released Singles: Kiss you again, son of the light, in my zone

Fans= 24k, Musicplays= 6.35 M, Video Views=2.6 M, Gigs=hundreds across europe


Label: chilstarsfamily records - Genres: urban music 


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Nine5Four Canadian Magazin

 Yang-Baby Boloman Der Kaiser has been putting in major work for a few years now,... His latest single "In My Zone" is positive record speaking of the dawn, no matter how black the night is and that one should “turn the lights on”, play the music and celebrate. It champions the success zone where the singer currently finds himself in after long rigorous struggle and inspires others to hope for the same, despite the ups & downs of life.


next gigs

06•Sept / 2020•Beach Club / Saarbrücken (GERMANY)

18•Sept / 2020•33 Club / saint avoid (FRANCE)

Played gigs

Nachtleben - Frankfurt

Batschkapp - Frankfurt

Index- Saarbrücken 

Knubel - Marburg

Fruchthalle - Kaiserslautern

Give a Chance- Fest Basel (Schweiz)

CityMax Hotel - Private Party – Dubai

Queen Night Club – Paris

Waldfreibad-Herxheim - Pool Party - Landau

Blacksound (Heute Kingz Club) – Villingen-Schwenningen Blacksound Club – Hanau

Gebläsehall – Neunkirchen

Bigfm Radio – Accapela Freestyle - Saarbrücken

Kulturfabrik – Saarbrücken

Breite63 - Saarbrücken

N8werk – Saarbrücken

Cinestar – Saarbrücken

Das Fest - (Hip-Hop Bühne) 

Karlsruhe Jubez - Fest – Karlsruhe

Partykingz – Karlsruhe

Freibbad Wolfarstweier - Pool Party - Karlsruhe

Partykingz – Lahr

Prinz-Disko - Köln

Diamonds Club - Köln


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