Afro-German born producer Dj Fabster P is a Film maker, DJ, musician (guitar, keyboards). His productions cross a wide range of music styles, he has produced almost all genres of Hip-Hop and electronic music styles: house, deep, electro, progressive, indie-dance, pop, techno, dubstep and more. With a constantly evolving sound, Fab loves to experiment with and cross over into various musical genres.

Known as the co-creator and godvater of the chiller Music genre, Dj Fabster was discovered by Yang-Baby longtime ago before the chilstarsfamilly was born. According to diverse sources, it was in 2008 when both met, Yang-Baby was seeking for a beat maker which could be capable of understanding his vison of music and he desire to bring something new into the music industry in the hope to change the game forever. Fab understood very fast the concept of the chilstarsfamily and the need of  creativity that will be required.

A few time later, he dropped his first official song, Kiss you again, followed by a huge number of unreleased projects such as TELL ME WHO.

To this day, Dj Fabster P has produced over  hundert of beats for The chilstarsfamily.


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